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The Purpose Of Digital Painting


It can help the elderly to spend time with them. Give them such a DIY digital oil painting to pass their boring time.


Cultivate children’s practical ability and patience. DIY digital oil painting can improve their understanding of color and aesthetics, cultivate children’s practical ability and patience, and make them more passionate about this world!


Can decorate the home. You can hang the finished product in the living room, study room, bedroom to add artistic atmosphere, Put an oil painting you draw at home, That’s never tire of it!

Latest Reviews

The pictures are beautiful. The only problem I have is the steady hand. Some of the number spaces are tiny and I end up making it bigger than it should be, but I patch it up so it looks good. It’s a very relaxing hobby. My time goes by quickly when I paint. I love it.

Name / Sharon G.

This was a fun painting! I love the colors and the finished picture was great! The paints were smooth and easy to work with.

Name / Patricia P.

So enjoyed this paint by numbers, especially during this time of lockdown. I found myself quite engrossed and didn’t want to stop. Loved the way it turned out ,once completed and looking forward to trying another one.Highly recommend to anyone looking to find their inner

Name / Jeannine W.

I have done plenty of these pictures and each of every one of them turned out lovely. Usually I gift them away but for this one I decided to buy a frame. It’s now hanging above my bed. Love the butterflies and I absolutely adore the colours. It looks particularly nice against my baby blue wall. Makes me very happy looking at it. 🙂

Name / Celina P.

I started with the eyes and while painting I thought OMG, what am I doing. This is awful but of course I continued and little by little Marilyn appeared and it was just beautiful. I sent it to my friends and put on various art sites. Guess what! I received over a 100 reactions and they all asked where did you get it. So I told them, look on the site of Modily, there must have been a hausse in requests for Marilyn.

Name / Carla M.

I have done about 5 or 6 PBN projects and I love them all. My favourite was one that I sent away a picture of my Daughter and grandson and they sent back a PBN of them which I had so much fun doing. I gave this painting to my daughter for Xmas. As for the rest that I have done, I am running out of places to put them, but I still can’t resist doing a new one. I have got the one of the funny frog with big glasses yet to be painted, because I am working on one with little puppies and a skunk right now.

Name / Eileen T.